World Famous Knysna Heads - South Africa

Forest Bears Knysna
was established to provide a venue where locally handcrafted teddy bears by various artists could be displayed and sold - We also keep a range of collectable imported teddy bears.

Collectable Teddy Bears:
All hand made teddy bears are considered as collectable but especially the bears made from mohair which feature glass eyes and leather paw pads are made in much lower volumes due to the expensive materials used.

Indigenous Wood Products:
Forest Bears also manufacture a range of "toys for teddy bears" ie: Scooters, Tricycles, Wagons, Benches, Chairs and many more. We also supply teddy bears kits and a range of teddy bear making tools and parts. ie: Joints and screws ect.


Contact us: Brenda Holtzhausen, Tel: +27(0)82 9605 666 
George/Knysna South Africa